• Image by space10.io
  • https://space10.io/spaces-on-wheels-exploring-a-driverless-future/
  • https://space10.io/spaces-on-wheels-exploring-a-driverless-future/

I will state the obvious after doing conducting some research on the future of mobility: Autonomous vehicles are on everyone’s agenda – amongst among the conservative and visionary futurists alike. But promising projects on the topic are a rarity. That is why the so-called playful research project by the amazing Space10 is one worth checking out. Space10 is a living-lab based in Copenhagen that strives to create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. Recently, they posted their Spaces on Wheels Project that explores the opportunities in a driverless future.

As usual, they were collaborating with another studio, in this case f°am, creating seven unique visions of autonomous vehicles that expand the general idea of cars becoming driverless cabs. Besides a cafe shop on wheels or the mobile office, concepts like the mobile health care station start to unravel the real potential of autonomous vehicles. Especially the topic of ‘the last mile’, meaning the accessibility of remote places, is one that we also identified as crucial for the future of mobility and framed it ‘Open Source Access and Global Rights’. A similar potential can be found in the Farm on Wheels idea that allows agriculturists to expand their businesses to rural and remote areas even within the city parameters.

Me being quite a skeptic on the benefits of AC’s compared to the dependencies that they create and the impact that they will have on social behavior was thrilled to see that along the futuristic concepts came a research report. The team of the project shed some light on challenges as well as concerns about the technology, while not sacrificing the playful approach. And, of course, they developed an App that allows users to “test-drive” the experience of booking a Space on Wheels via augmented reality.

Space10 created an insightful deep-dive into the topic and I say it is definitely worth a read. And don’t forget to explore some of the other projects Space10 has published so far.