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Big Data, small Data, transparent or exclusive. Data is everywhere. It is the currency by which the biggest companies in the world run. Well, in fact, it is the currency by which the world operates from IT to municipal. But there is an imbalance between the creators of data and the ones making a profit from it. And this is why topics of data sovereignty and data literacy are on the rise – ownership and usage need to be acknowledged and understood by the people. Information and education is the first step towards us being in control of the data we create. So thinks BBC UK with their Tomorrow’s World section.

Tomorrow’s World presents a very tangible approach to inform the broader public about the basics of data. So let’s start with their Quiz:

Ok, let us imagine you now have your basics in check, but you are still wondering why you should care. Then follow the link below:


Alright, now you really get, right?! But what to do next. In this case, the moderator team created a show to convince you to donate your data. Fictional maybe, but since you are, in a way, donating your data every day to companies it is not far away to think it the other way around:


Besides those playful approaches to communicate this very urgent topic, Tomorrow’s World offers plenty of further articles and links to foundations that deal with data education like ODI (Open Data Institut) or doteveryone. And if you feel a little fancy check out this article for where to store data most efficiently:

In order to become Smart Citizens, the first step should be to educate ourselves about data. Everything builds on our willingness to take charge of the information we create and not to leave it to big companies. That is if we do not want dystopias of company-controlled societies to become true. So get to know your digital twin and start by evaluating where you stand, data dreamer or data knight?