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As a way to improve working conditions, being completely independent and promoting a quality and environmentally sustainable service, the delivery riders cooperative was born.

Cooperative on Wheels

How interesting and certain is the quote: Unity makes strength.CoopCycle is a federation of deliveries by bike that was born in response to big companies that, since mid-2017, have decided to pay a minimum rate for each ride rather than a reasonable amount per hour worked. This is an idea that gathers delivery riders, as a creative way to strengthen social and economic values. This organization is presented on a software platform that brings its members together to manage their deliveries while promoting the e-commerce solution to their customers. Why not? France, Spain, Belgium, the UK and Germany are testing the services of the delivery cooperative.

The basis of this system is the free association of bicycle workers and the quotation of their services managed by themselves, under what they call democratic governance in pursuit of their rights and interests. A complete open-source cycle-logistics tool, CoopCycle enables co-operatives to manage their deliveries and merchants, restaurateurs and customers to access the service. Shops and restaurants are welcome to offer their services and products through the delivery riders, while consumers only need an application or just a call to ask for products of any shop associated with the system or courier services.

You are invited to take part in the challenge

As if all this was not enough, the use of bicycle transport collaborates enormously with the environment, as they are the replacement of large vehicles that deliver goods in cities causing traffic congestion and blow out harmful gases to the air. So….this is the time to say YES to the bicycle delivery service, take your mobile and the delivery man will knock on your door shortly.

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