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re/set mobility design conference

Great news from our network: On 7 and 8 November the international design conference "re/set mobility design" takes place at Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach. With many international guests present, the conference will be a unique event rich in informative panels and discussions. more

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Berlin on the Move – The Open Source Lab @ Climathon 2019

It's Global Climathon Day on 25 October. Climathon is a platform that creates tangible projects that aim to tackle climate change. Climathon also hosts an event which targets cities all around the globe that all aim to find solutions for different global problems caused by climate change. This year's Climathon includes challenges such as Air Pollution, Extreme Weather, Waste Management, more


Open Source Lab @ International Transport Forum in Leipzig

We are happy to have been part of the workshop at ITF Leipzig on the topic “Commuter Mobility – Collaboration for New Intermodal Solutions”. We joined representatives of the Sustainability Council as well as other great organizations in order to discuss what must be done to ensure sustainable and efficient commuting. However, we also talked about what is possible already and how this can be more

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OS Lab @ Mobility Congress at Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Everything is on the move. People, goods and data are constantly in flux. Our societies are built on the bedrock of mobility subscribing to the ability to be flexible in time and space with utmost significance. How can the change towards more sustainable mobility that unites economic with ecological approaches be designed? That was one of the key questions asked at the Congress 'mobility more


10 Years of E-Mobility in Germany: Nowhere Near Open Source

Electric cars, for many, will bring about the fundamental turn in mobility. The opening conference of our dear lab neighbours MENNEKES, a leading producer and developer of charging infrastructure (plugs and charge columns), revealed the status quo of e-mobility in Germany and of our self-understanding as a car nation. more


How Heavy Is a Bit? When Digitalization Meets Sustainability

This exciting meet-up of activists and experts in the fields of digitalization and environmental sustainability in Berlin attracted almost 1.500 people. We were also there and enjoyed the discussion on how digitalization can contribute to the sustainable transformation of society and the economy. more


All Things Open: The Coming Disruptions

All Things Open is more than an IT conference. With this year's theme, it wants to acknowledge and foster an inclusive and holistic view of open source developments by opening up the discussion to a growing community in developing countries and to local small businesses. I had a look on their website to reveal more about their approach. more