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Collabathon 2019 - Pic 1

Collaborative Hackathon for a Global Climate “Accounting” System

The international collaborative hackathon (or “Collabathon”) for a Global Climate Accounting system started on Saturday 16 November and has been going on for two weeks. Following an initiative of the Yale Open Lab, a kick-off weekend took place in 6 nodes around the world including a node in Berlin. The DFKI Open Source Lab for Sustainable Mobility participated and supported the event. The more


Meetup: Stories from Zero Emission Cities- Mobility Partnerships

On 24 July, the Open Source Lab was holding a 3rd MeetUp event kicking-off the research on partnerships in the sector of mobility. With the focus on how public and private stakeholders can join forces to reduce CO2 emissions and shift away from car dependency, three speakers from award-winning start-ups were invited to share their experiences. The Open Source Lab MeetUp #3 took place in our more