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Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

Above the Clouds-Part III: Demand Me! Will You?

In the last three weeks, I've been on the road a lot, out of a total of eleven changes of location I've done a whole nine by plane. This is a good reason for me to take a closer look at the current price war and its influence on traveling above the clouds. Within the framework of a small mini-series, I will deal above all with the phenomenon of "cheap flying" in German and European travel as more

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Pedestrians Have Priority

Climate change, insecurity, overpopulation and poverty are some of the main problems to which governments must pay special attention. Therefore, anticipating these problems is a priority in many cities and administrations should try to predict all possible scenarios in order to create long-term strategies and react through short-term actions. more


A Commitment to Accessible Universal Mobility

We have no idea how far Open Source can go, but what we do know today is that we can achieve things that yesterday did not seem possible. For Travelspirit, the great goal is an Open, Equitable and Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem through Open Source. How? Let's see.... more


The Great Open Data Maker

At the time of data revolution, the Open Data Institute is a protagonist of great and innovative changes. In view of its participation in our Roundtable & Get together #2, we are already looking forward to all that is to share. more

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Climate’s Wildcard – The Digital Revolution

Digitization already influences the decisions of three billion people and businesses every day and is poised to profoundly disrupt the global economy in the next decade. The expected digital disruption can help determine whether we live on a 1.5-2°C planet or a +3°C world. The Exponential Climate Action Roadmap charts the steps needed to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. more

Policy Image by The Academy for Open Government Partnership

A Common Good to Fight for: Open Government Data

Just now, in this very moment, numerous data sets are collected and generated by government agencies around the world to complete various tasks in daily operations. These data sets involve almost all aspects of daily life, and government agencies are currently, believe it or not, the largest data holder. Doesn't feel like it? There is a way to get an overview of how open your government is... more


Open Principles: Like a Tutorial for City Officials

While thinking that there are already great ideas and businesses around to bring forward new modes of mobility, it is a question of policy whether or not shared mobility will be a major part of how we get around. Browsing through international policies in the mobility domain, I came across the open source principles for shared mobility: these principles denote a high-level policy example more