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Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Flying with Zero Emissions?

What would the Wright Brothers have said in 1903 if someone had told them that their invention would one day fly 350 people across the Atlantic in less than six hours? The word “impossible” seems very likely to me. Perhaps in another 100 years airplanes will hover quietly and emission-free through the sky and fly completely electrically, which still seems unthinkable today. more

Photo by Erik Eastman on Unsplash

The Giant Tokyo

If you haven't visited Japan yet, you've probably heard or read a lot about this country. Japan is not only known for sports like Sumo or for "Memoirs of a Geisha", but the cultural, technological and social display makes it worthy of being a number one in many respects. Let's see! more

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Africa: A breath of Fresh Energetic Air

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich built, through a four-year research project, a car that promises to improve mobility in developing countries. The main objective of the project was to open up new mobility possibilities that primarily benefit rural regions which lack ideal infrastructures. more


This Is Not a Car! Is it?

It has four tires, a steering wheel and you need a driving license to drive it. After initial production difficulties, a small electric car will enter the German streets in autumn: Microlino. more


A First Piece of the Future?

Germany's first e-highway was put into operation on the A5 motorway near Frankfurt at the beginning of May. Hybrid trucks can charge their batteries while driving via current collectors. more

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Cars Can Be More Than Just Vehicles

The future belongs to electric mobility. Battery-powered vehicles are changing not only the way we move, but they also change life as a whole. Our infrastructure must be adapted to the new needs in order to supply electric vehicles. But they are a mobile source of energy for other devices connected to them, too. This does not only mean to charge a cell phone while driving. The keyword is: “V2G”. more

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Delivery of Medicine Through the Air

Revolutionizing medical care in remote areas with the help of drones, the "Deliver Future" project proves that this is not only a dream of the future. Drone manufacturer Wingcopter, DHL and the German Corporation for International Cooperation jointly launched the "DHL Parcelcopter 4.0" and supply the Tanzanian island of Ukerewe with medicine at record speed. more

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The Cloud in our Hands

Cloud technologies are the basis of digitization in the modern economy. Companies that invest in their future viability are dependant on these technologies. The open-source approach offers the opportunity to reduce costs and risks in the cloud and to become more independent. The German start-up Meshcloud offers an open source cloud platform for companies. more

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IOTA – Block the Chain

The Internet of things (IoT) is a thing. Every aspect of life is touched with the magical tech of network sensors. Physical objects - like clothing, cars and coffee makers - turn into smart devices that allow for remote monitoring and control as well as communication amongst those devices. Intel predicts 200 billion things being connected through the internet by 2020, which would be 25 times more