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The International Council on Clean Transportation is an organization that works across the globe in the fields of road, marine, and air transportation – providing research and analysis to help industry and governance to take well-informed steps towards reducing the impacts of climate change.

Different programs ranging from aviation, electric vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles to green freight, form the framework for the ICCT’s research that aims to propose political actions for achieving environmental goals.

Naming public health and the mitigation of climate change as their goals you can get a more in-depth impression of the motivation behind the Council here:

On the example of the electric vehicle program, the spectrum of employed methodology becomes evident. The used methods range from trend analyzes, market evaluation and tax incentives to comparing different policy approaches worldwide to accelerate the electric transition. Another quality is the direct work with governments in order to support policy making.

Other projects from the Council can be found here.

The ICCT’s political work is fundamentally important for the change towards a zero-emission transport system, not only for passengers cars but for our growing commercial and freight system as well, because it aims to understand economic and political dimension while proposing new frameworks of working togehter.

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