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WeeGo is a collaborative transit app that makes traveling by public transportation easier and uses a multimodal integration. Tools and Features serves three main areas of public transport – buses, tramways and large taxis – and allows users to find all transportation options available arrivals in real-time, and sharing position data once on public transport […] more


CanGo (formerly SafeMotos) is developing interconnected on demand services together in a single smartphone application, aimed directly at the Central African mass market. CanGo offers a moto-taxi service that monitors, evaluates and rates its drivers safety skills and gives the user an opportunity to add a personal rating after the lift. It provides on demand ride-hailing services […] more


KoboToolbox is a suite of tools for reliable field data collection for use in challenging environments such as humanitarian crisis and for understanding the population’s needs. Tools and Features open source suite of tools for data collection and analysis in humanitarian emergencies form builder (surveys) data collection, analysis and management Governance of Case developed by […] more

Open Data Kit

This open data collection platform is providing free and open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. Tools and Features allowing users to create professional quality mobile data collection surveys for field data collection Governance of Case ODK follows a meritocratic governance model where a Project Management Committee oversees the more

Ushahidi Inc

Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company helping marginalized people raise their voice by using the concept of crowdsourcing for social activism, public accountability and crisis response Tools and Features offers products that enable local observers to submit reports using their phones or other devices, while simultaneously creating a temporal and geospatial archive of events platform more

Data Transport

Data Transport is an open data platform on transport and sustainable mobility for west Africa . Tools and Features data collection mapping data platform Governance of Case African platform powered by ticketing company Billet express Mali Drivers for Open Mobility Providing open data spurs digital innovation and third party collaborations. more

Digital Observer For Africa

The Digital Observer For Africa (DO4A), a non-profit organization, is boosting the development of digital innovations in Africa by giving more exposure to digital projects and promoting a community for innovation. It wants to involve more stakeholders in the African digital ecosystem. Sharing information is a key factor for the emergence, the development and the […] more


openAFRICA is the largest independent, volunteer driven repository of open data on the African continent. Tools and Features open data repository upload data to openAFRICA either to store it, or to make it available to a wider public download data already on openAFRICA for re-use in own projects Governance of Case grassroots initiative, maintained by […] more


Mobile app to enable satellite image classification on mobile devices in the context of the Missing Maps Project which proactively maps the places in the world where the most vulnerable people live before a crisis happens. Tools and Features in the mobile app users swipe through satellite imagery tapping the features they spot marked tiles will […] more


sensors.AFRICA provides actionable open information about the quality of cities’ air, water and sound using self-built sensors. Tools and Features datasets can be used by the media, citizens and civic watchdogs to push governments for better air regulations trainings to build and deploy the sensors algorithm which alerts citizens via SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or […] more

SDI Know your city

The campaign is creating a global voice on urban poverty and inclusive cities through engaging international agencies and operating on the international stage in order to support and advance local struggles. Tools and Features community-driven open data on informal settlements collected by slum dwellers SDI’s databases are the largest repositories of informal settlement data data […] more


GoMetro is a self-service platform for the execution of mass participation of volunteer survey travel plans, self-tracking and measurement for transport planners, transport operators and the private sector. Digitizing complex and chaotic informal transport systems on the ground, turning unscheduled services into scheduled or on-demand services that run on dynamic or fixed route profiles. more

Chapas Project

The project works on a Chapas (collective mini buses) Map of Maputo promoting their use and offering solutions for developing and improving collective transport and its social image. Tools and Features Chapas route map, data collection in order to greatly enhance public transport open, standardized data Governance of Case The project was initiated in August […] more

Digital Matatus Project

Digital Matatus is a collaborative public transport mapping project to leverage widespread cellphone usage in developing countries to collect data for essential infrastructure planning. Tools and Features capture of open informal transit data of Nairobi mobile routing app free transit map developed a modified GTFS standard for informal transport tool for planning Governance of Case […] more


Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources transport data and provides users with information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports, it is thus informing city planning and transport regulation in emerging economies through the provision of transport data and trend analysis. Tools and Features traffic feeds, driving reports journey planning app developer APIs live more

Where is my transport

Where is my transport is a start up that captures and uses reliable public transport data to create mobility opportunities for individuals and organizations in emerging cities. Tools and Features data collection, access and visualization e.g. map of paratransit routes alongside official rail and bus networks open data platform, developer portal with licensed APIs multi-modal […] more

Digital Transport 4 Africa

Digital Transport 4 Africa is an open resource center mapping public transport in Africa and creating safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems in Africa. Data and collaborative digital commons as well as a global community is needed for planning integrated public transport, designing passenger information systems, and working with operators to upgrade transit services more

Uber Movement

Transport service provider Uber aims at helping urban planning around the world by providing data and tools for cities to understand and address urban transportation challenges. Tools and Features free, downloadable data aligned with open standards for easy integration into a variety of urban planning toolsets sharing of anonymized data aggregated from over ten billion […] more

Ramani Huria

Ramani Huria is a project helping communities to map relevant features such as residential areas, roads, paratransit routes, streams and floodplains to bring disaster awareness, prevention and response to “off-the-map” areas. Tools and Features training teams of local university students and community members to use OSM to create accurate, free and open maps of the […] more


JungleBus is an initiative to improve public transport data in OpenStreetMap (OSM) through developing open mapping tools for local communities thus producing a shared base to facilitate collaboration between public and private stakeholders. Tools and Features JungleBus mobile app for simple mapping of bus stops on the ground developments and improvements of OSM tools related to […] more