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Kobo360 is a technology company that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners, drivers, and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework Tools and Features platform connecting truckers, producers and distributors, as well as supply chain management tools for enterprise customers goal is to build a global logistics operating system, a […] more

Mobility for Africa

Mobility for Africa is working with a strategic Chinese partner, and social impact investors, to build a market, using a social enterprise model that provides a package of services from skills to low income financing. It is providing low-cost quality renewable electric tricycles, bicycles and small scale vehicles built for a rural environment. Tools and Features […] more


Flare offers software infrastructure and operational support for emergency response businesses or operations. Tools and Features enables ambulance owners to connect with hospitals to inform them ahead of time that a patient is en-route an intelligent web-based platform allows existing dispatch centers to track and manage their vehicles team developed an app that aggregates privately-owned more

Yego Moto

Yego Moto is a licensed Motorcycle Taxi Service but at the heart of the system is an IoT device on the motorcycle taxis with a payment solution. From all this data collected in real time, Yego Moto is able to expand the functionality of the platform for other services. Tools and Features installed ICFMs (Intelligent Connected […] more


WyBap is a ride-hailing company facilitating the mobility of individuals in various cities of Cameroon by quickly finding the right means of transport to move safely while enjoying a high quality ride. Tools and Features provides users with a platform for searching for means of transport for their intra-urban and inter-urban journeys WYBAP’s standard service […] more


BRCK is the platform that connects the next 3 billion internet users coming from frontier markets. Tools and Features Moja – Internet for Everyone, free public WiFi network, Anyone within range of the signal can connect to the internet for free In 2018, BRCK began offering SupaBRCK devices to drivers of Nairobi’s highly used Matatu […] more


The venture re-invents public transportation by providing affordable, quality, convenient and reliable everyday bus rides. Tools and Features fixed bus stops, fixed timings, fixed prices app to book fixed rate affordable rides on our existing routes Governance of Case Egyptian ride-hail venture Drivers for Open Mobility providing a technology-based alternative to public transportation, a more


Frontline puts the power of SMS to use for smart, interactive, impactful communication with groups who need it. Whether it’s 100 people or 100,000, FrontlineSMS allows users to interact with the communities they want to reach. Tools and Features automation and logic (a combination of technology and our team’s expertise) that sits on top of […] more

DART Bus Rapid Transit

DART BRT system combines the flexibility of bus transit with the speed, reliability and capacity of rail systems, at a fraction of the cost. Tools and Features bus lanes separated from other traffic, mostly in the middle of the road to reduce stoppages Dar City navigator app: integrated public transport customer information platform for smartphone, […] more


Little is an on demand ride hailing service aiming to be cheaper and better for the local community in contrast to rival Uber. Tools and Features ride-hailing service, taxi hailing solution WiFi in cars M-pesa payment Governance of Case set up by Nairobi-based Craft Silicon, backed by Safaricom Drivers for Open Mobility African made MaaS […] more


Twende is a carpooling app that enables users to share the costs of travel. The company aims to reduce the number of cars on the road by stressing the benefits of sharing travel experiences, connecting drivers and passengers going the same way. Tools and Features carpooling app for requesting or offering a trip trusted community […] more


Khenz Ltd. is a digital ticketing platform that enables quick and secure access to bus tickets for long distance bus operators. Tools and Features ticketing for bus tickets platform allows ensuring traveler’s safety on roads and tracking precious goods moving from one point to another in the public transport available on different sales channels such […] more


CanGo (formerly SafeMotos) is developing interconnected on demand services together in a single smartphone application, aimed directly at the Central African mass market. CanGo offers a moto-taxi service that monitors, evaluates and rates its drivers safety skills and gives the user an opportunity to add a personal rating after the lift. It provides on demand ride-hailing services […] more

Metro Africa Xpress

Metro Africa Express (MAX) is a MaaS mobile app aiming to make moto-taxis safer, more affordable and accessible across West Africa. Tools and Features app provides a ride-hailing service using 200cc motorcycle (MAXOkada) and a last mile delivery service option (MAXBusiness) inclusive data-driven asset-finance, and a comprehensive driver on-boarding program that uses machine learning and […] more


KoboToolbox is a suite of tools for reliable field data collection for use in challenging environments such as humanitarian crisis and for understanding the population’s needs. Tools and Features open source suite of tools for data collection and analysis in humanitarian emergencies form builder (surveys) data collection, analysis and management Governance of Case developed by […] more

Move by Volkswagen

Move app offers station based mobility solutions like car sharing products and services in order to make mobility seamless and convenient. Tools and Features Move Share is an app based solution offering chauffeur-driven services for businesses with a managed fleet of new Volkswagens Move Ride allows access to a driven Volkswagen vehicle on demand Governance […] more

Open Data Kit

This open data collection platform is providing free and open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. Tools and Features allowing users to create professional quality mobile data collection surveys for field data collection Governance of Case ODK follows a meritocratic governance model where a Project Management Committee oversees the more

Ushahidi Inc

Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company helping marginalized people raise their voice by using the concept of crowdsourcing for social activism, public accountability and crisis response Tools and Features offers products that enable local observers to submit reports using their phones or other devices, while simultaneously creating a temporal and geospatial archive of events platform more

Moja Ride

Moja Ride is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform enabling citizens to get around the city easily whilst providing easy payment for the service. Tools and Features residents find, book and pay for the most affordable and efficient modes of transportation over 1,700 users and 600 drivers enrolled in the city a mobile fare collection app that allows drivers […] more


AfriLabs is a network organization building and supporting a community around rapidly emerging African tech hubs. Tools and Features providing capacity building resources, financing, mentoring and networking opportunities to the network events like AfriLabs Annual Gathering Governance of Case registered foundation with partnerships to 150 innovation centers across 40 African countries more


myRunner is providing a bus booking platform. Tools and Features platform allowing any operator to sell tickets online and offline, and track their bus fleet from their phone or device users can book or buy a ticket, use live tracking, see and submit reviews via the app Governance of Case start up division of bus […] more


LULA is an app that makes ride-sharing easier and connects corporate commuters to private shuttles. it also helps transport providers advancing their service by bringing them to a larger audience, digitizing their fleet and improving their utilization rates. Tools and Features crowdsourcing private shuttles that offer scheduled door-to-door rides by collecting commuters from their homes […] more

WeTu WeMobility division

WeTu wants to improve living standards in rural Kenya by delivering innovative solutions for clean energy, safe water and mobility through products and services that create jobs, improve overall health and protect the local environment. WeMobility demonstrates that e-mobility is viable development opportunity in rural regions of Africa. Tools and Features operates six solar powered […] more

Internet Society

The Internet Society is working for an open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone by increasing its reach. Tools and Features advance the development and application of Internet infrastructure, technologies, and open standards to enable an open Internet for all global summit 2019, expression of a roadmap to advance community networks, and acting as […] more

e-Boda Bodas by Opibus

Company that works on accelerating the transition of diesel vehicles towards sustainable transport and energy solutions in East Africa by introducing new fossil-fuel-free technologies and reshaping industries. Tools and Features developing, producing and installing electric drive trains for a range of vehicle applications adaption of existing vehicles like boda bodas or Safari Jeeps to more

Hyina Express

Hyina Express is a drone delivery service supplying medical packages in rural areas with limited road infrastructure and major cities with excess road traffic congestions using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and internet road based network in space, thus increasing the efficiency of health institutions in Africa. Tools and Features on-demand delivery of medical supplies per electric […] more


sensors.AFRICA provides actionable open information about the quality of cities’ air, water and sound using self-built sensors. Tools and Features datasets can be used by the media, citizens and civic watchdogs to push governments for better air regulations trainings to build and deploy the sensors algorithm which alerts citizens via SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or […] more

E-bikes4Africa by SunCycles

SunCycles is an enterprise that provides access to e-mobility and solar recharge systems to rural and urban areas across Africa in order to move towards a more sustainable future. Tools and Features e-bikes (for hire or sale) for commuting in urban areas, for gaining access in rural areas, for ecotourism, for wildlife protection and for […] more

E-bikes for Africa by EURIST

EURIST provides solar-powered e-bikes as innovative mobility option for a livable future, as well as helping cities, governments and communities to develop good transport governance and reform local and national transport systems, reducing transport needs, shifting to more sustainable modes and improving the systems efficiency. Tools and Features solar powered e-bikes for multiple uses: more

Digital Matatus Project

Digital Matatus is a collaborative public transport mapping project to leverage widespread cellphone usage in developing countries to collect data for essential infrastructure planning. Tools and Features capture of open informal transit data of Nairobi mobile routing app free transit map developed a modified GTFS standard for informal transport tool for planning Governance of Case […] more


Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources transport data and provides users with information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports, it is thus informing city planning and transport regulation in emerging economies through the provision of transport data and trend analysis. Tools and Features traffic feeds, driving reports journey planning app developer APIs live more

Where is my transport

Where is my transport is a start up that captures and uses reliable public transport data to create mobility opportunities for individuals and organizations in emerging cities. Tools and Features data collection, access and visualization e.g. map of paratransit routes alongside official rail and bus networks open data platform, developer portal with licensed APIs multi-modal […] more

OpenNet Africa

openNet Africa is a platform that monitors and promotes Internet Freedom throughout the continent. Tools and Features information on African internet rights and cyber security, including research materials, censorship incidents, laws on internet rights, online safety tools and advocacy materials. Governance of Case initiative established in 2012 of the Collaboration on International ICT more


iNethi is a project to enable communities to deploy and manage a locally-owned infrastructure for communications and internet access and to co-design a content sharing and services platform for community wireless networks. Tools and Features offline community-based services, authoring of local digital resources and content sharing set up local servers running several open source services, more

Living Open Source Foundation

Living Open Source is a foundation to foster the growth and use of open source software and enable more IT careers throughout Africa Tools and Features organize an initial open source training and community building help to certify community members with globally recognized Linux Foundation certification organize events and find sponsors for venue, course materials, […] more

Open Source Community Africa (OSCA)

OSCA is a network of communities (chapters) of software and hardware creators driving the open source movement in order to bring technological skills at the grass-roots of Africa, enabling collaboration on OS projects and raising awareness through public events Tools and Features public events and physical meetups with OS introduction sessions supportive community via e.g. […] more

Smart Bus Kigali

Smart Bus is a civic initiative in Kigali using ICTs as a means to improve public services and providing every citizen with access to high-quality Internet in public spaces. Tools and Features fleet of municipal buses equipped with a Wi-Fi connection by the city of Kigali Governance of Case this program, launched by public authorities […] more