Under the name “Open source design and Design for open source” the upcoming DWebDesign (a short form of “decentralized web”) Meetup will feature a talk by the Open Source Lab and present the projects’ activities and major learnings. We are looking forward to be part of it!

DWeb is a series of events driven by local communities toward a global goal – building the Web we deserve. The company behind this series of talks is Jolocom, a Berlin Node of the global community. The Berlin startup builds global infrastructure to support decentralized digital identity management and they are true open source enthusiasts. Learn more about the DWeb movement here.

The DWebBLN events deal with the topic of the digital identity, government organizations and privacy mostly, but they have also started to look into the design aspect of these things: the DWebDesign series has dealt with bringing back variety in product design and to secure emerging digital industries from the visual sameness. Prior meetups were Dribbble Berlin (aka DWebDesign #1)  “Embrace variety” and DWebDesign #2 “Typonight”. This time they want to go beyond the User Interface aesthetics toward the Global Open Collaboration movement, looking at Open Source. For this they have turned to us and we have gladly accepted to present insights from the Open Source Lab working on Sustainable Mobility. We are going to talk about our use cases such as the app prototype for CO2 tracking, our exchange with different stakeholders and also our general approach toward open source.

Please join us on 18th November, 2019 at Betahaus Kreuzberg (old taz building) Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23. The meetup starts at 6:00pm.
For more info, go to: https://dwebdesign3.eventbrite.com