We are happy to have been part of the workshop at ITF Leipzig on the topic “Commuter Mobility – Collaboration for New Intermodal Solutions”. We joined representatives of the Sustainability Council as well as other great organizations in order to discuss what must be done to ensure sustainable and efficient commuting. However, we also talked about what is possible already and how this can be used to create an even more sustainable future.

Worldwide millions of people commute to work every day. Depending on the infrastructure of each city this can pose big problems not only for the commuters themselves but also for the companies and cities affected. Although all parties have individual problems and interests working collaboratively we can pursue the same goal in the long run: creating sustainable mobility solutions that benefit everyone.

We are delighted to have met other interesting organizations, including but not limited to:

There was also a workshop which was another amazing opportunity for networking and learning from each other.

Check out the ITF on their website or on twitter and make you also have a look at #ITF19, the official twitter hashtag!