• Map Editor of Open Metro Maps
  • Open Metro Maps
  • Mariupol Mapping by Robin Coenen and Danielle Rosales
  • Image by Les Oiseaux de passage.

On March 6, 2019 our MeetUp series launched with a great group of open source practitioners presenting their experiences throughout open source mobility under the theme „Mapping Transit“. The Open Source Lab MeetUp #1 took place in our Lab at EUREF Campus 10, Berlin.

Mapping Transit

From Open Source EVs to Open Data on mobility behavior or combustion emissions and to Open Source Software for sharing mobility assets, Open Source Mobility can have many facets. With our MeetUp series we aim to provide some insights into actual projects and practices happing throughout the mobility domain that can be labeled as Open Source. For our first session of bringing together open source pioneers and mobility stakeholders we are welcoming a Prototype Fund participant from round 2 and a designer team fused to visualize data.

Our Guests

Sebastian Kürten has developed Open Metro Maps, a project aiming at enabling citizens to create their own, utilizable open public transit map, similar to OpenStreetMap. Sebastian thinks that transit maps can visualize and condense even more useful information for users thus be of great use for the open source mobility community. He will offer some insights in how his project is developing, what drawbacks and deficiencies Open Source holds, and how varied the sharing culture of metro maps actually is across Europe.

As the digital universe of information is constantly synchronizing in real time, Robin Coenen and Danielle Rosales are a designer and a sociologist, teaming up to offer expertise in various visualization strategies and tools. They act as visual experts in the complexities of the digitization process, designing and generating visual grammar. Their broad portfolio contains commissions from user-centered city cartography (Grand Paris Express) to UX- and interface design for a cooperative social-tourism platform, which considers the human right to travel as its core guideline. 

We had a great evening with inspiring talks and a lively discussion afterwards. Thank you Open Source Mobility crowd for coming!