The Open Source Lab was part of an international panel discussion concerning the topic of urban innovation and how open data and open source can play a crucial role here.

Panel Discussion on urban innovation: new methodologies – new ways to innovate

Together with an international participants from France and Spain, we were part of a very interesting discussion at InOut Mobility Conference!

Today’s mobility can only evolve through the power of alliances. It’s a new kind of race, mixing competencies, interests, new types of actors who need to align and coordinate with new, progressively appearing technological opportunities. Synchronizing and aligning human and financial means becomes as much of an asset as are technical, financial, legal or regulatory competences.

Public actors can help create conditions which enable all concerned parties to project themselves, together, beyond their comfort zone longer term – convincing the majority of stakeholder that we are going to succeed together.

These and many more questions were tackled during the session:

  • What are the urban business models?
  • What do we understand by and expect from an “open” territory, making available these resources under certain conditions to fight new urban challenges?
  • What are the challenges of city governments setting up infrastructures and resources for open source and open data developments?

Further participants: