The Open Source Lab experimental think tank is merging into the DFKI.

Over the past 2 years the open source lab has created 4 open source prototypes, 6 publications, 5 meet up events with over 300 visitors to the lab space, over 180 blog posts. The project hosted over 15 international guests to provide their expert input and share knowledge in-person with the local Berlin network and broader community.

Now the project will take a different format, being integrated within the DFKI and contributing to continuing projects of various research groups.

As part of the transition, this blog and website will no longer be active, but will remain accessible as open resources for those interested in or working at the intersection of sustainable transport and open source concepts. Prototypes of the Open Source Lab will remain accessible on the Lab’s GitHub page, so anyone can utilise the work done by the lab, continue to develop it or use it as a basis for something new entirely.

To keep in touch with the happenings of the DFKI you can follow any of its social media channels. Current projects of the DFKI that align with the work of the Open Source Lab include the Smart City Living Lab.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the project and enabled its diverse outputs. We hope that the work provides building blocks for others to create novel solutions and contribute the formation of sustainable and open urban mobility ecosystems.