Bernhard Fehr, researcher at the German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig (Germany), reminds us that there is not only one future of mobility but a range of opportunities for futures of mobility. In a short recap interview following our roundtable discussion, Bernhard points out that city planning and the planning of transportation systems should be integrated in those visions of the future.

Our first roundtable discussion in November 2018 hosted a fantastic range of mobility experts and open source enthusiasts. We took the chance to record some statements on the sidelines of the busy crowd. We were interested in how the event was perceived and if panelists and experts in the fields of mobility and open source were taking any lessons from it home or had lessons for us. Bernhard sees the potential of the Open Source Lab in initiating an experimental space infused with the expertise and assets of the stakeholders involved. We are trying to establish exactly that and hope to have him onboard.