Our French connection and sister initiative FabMob was represented by its founder Gabriel Plassat for our roundtable discussion on ‘Open Source Shared Mobility’. Gabriel sees the center of our future mobility lying in more liveable cities and a more citizen-centric approach with shared mobility, active modes of transport and public transport coming together.

Our first roundtable discussion in November 2018 hosted a fantastic range of mobility experts and open source enthusiasts. We took the chance to record a short statement interview with some of our guests. We were interested in how the event was perceived and if panelists and experts in the fields of mobility and open source were taking any lessons from it home or had lessons for us. Gabriel is convinced that the roundtable debaters share the common objective to open the boundaries of the mobility systems to more easily connect stakeholders and work together. FabMob, just like the Open Source Lab, believes open source is the way to go about that.

Find out more about FabMob here.