Sustainable Open Mobility Taxonomy

What are key elements of a sustainable open urban transport system? What activities could different stakeholders focus on to create mutually beneficial synergies? The characteristics of sustainable mobility vary by context, however the Sustainable Open Mobility Taxonomy identifies best practices which can be built upon according to local conditions to create a sustainable and open mobility system.

Sustainable OpenMobilityNational AgendaDigital strategyMobility strategyGovernance transformationTransparency and citizen engagementCarbon neutrality pathwayOpen technical architectureOpen mobility platformOpen standardsOpen innovationUser-centered designOpen source softwareData stewardshipData managementData sharingLife cycle sustainabilityAccessSystem synergiesSustainable Open MobilityGovernanceStrategyNational AgendaDigital strategyMobility strategySustainabilityGovernance transformationTransparency and citizen engagementCarbon neutrality pathwayDigital infrastructureOpen technical architectureOpen mobility platformOpen standardsAll StakeholdersInnovationOpen innovationUser-centered designOpen source softwareData governanceData stewardshipData managementData sharingProduct and service providersSystems connectionsLife cycle sustainabilityAccessSystem synergies