• Photo by Open Mobility Forum

The idea of achieving efficient future mobility is an issue that concerns us – we work together with our amazing partner network to integrate everyone into this journey.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has funded projects related to digital data-based applications for Mobility 4.0 with a research initiative named mFUND. In this sense, the joint collaboration Mobility 4.0 between InnoZ and WZB investigates the potential of mFund-funded projects to increase the transparency of innovation processes through new participatory formats that encourage cooperation between different actors.

The main objective of Mobility 4.0 is to create interactive exhibitions on the digital world of mobility, and on which an exchange of opinions and points of view of different social actors can be created. Economic participation and social acceptance in addition to developing sustainable mobility products and services for users are highly interesting for the project.

In the case of innovations in digital mobility, the data sets are immersed in a complex process, in which they must be collected, processed and exchanged. In this sense, through Mobility 4.0, it has been possible to represent the meaning of the acquisition and usage of data in a simple way, for all those with or without previous knowledge regarding the importance of data in everyday life.


As a result of the initiative launched by mFUND, our Open Source Lab accommodates an idea of  Big Data put into practice through something that is called a touch wall. Originally designed by the former and fantastic InnoZ team we are now hosting it as the “Open Source Interactive Wall”. It is basically a Bare Conductive touch panel in combination with the Mad Mapper projection software.

Open Source Interactive Wall

The panel illustrates a scene that visualizes various data sources and suggests possible application scenarios. The projections are activated with touch animations and aim to show 1) the long-term, real-time monitoring of traffic and energy infrastructures, 2) data on multimodal mobility behavior as well as crowdsourcing data and 3) the significance of open platforms as access to data treasures among other things.

If you are curious to get inside and participate in an interesting exchange of ideas, stay tuned to our upcoming events. Here we are waiting for you!