• Photo by microlino.com

It has four tires, a steering wheel and you need a driving license to drive it. After initial production difficulties, a small electric car will enter the German streets in autumn: Microlino.

The Vision

Better urban lifestyle: On average, a car is used by only 1.2 people and driven just 35 km per day. This means that normal cars are too big for 95% of their usage. Sounds stupid, right? The Microlino is designed to be ideal for daily use, whether it is commuting to work, visiting friends or going shopping“. This is how the Swiss company Micro describes their vision on their website. At first glance a promising approach, so let’s see what lies behind the Microlino. After all, according to Micro’s own figures, it already has more than 15,000 pre-orders.

Sustainability and Effectivity

The Microlino is a classic short distance vehicle, suitable for use in urban traffic. It is 2.0 meters long and weighs 450 kilograms without battery, which makes it absolute lightweight compared to other electric vehicles and requires a comparatively small battery to achieve acceptable ranges. The battery will be available as standard in a larger and a smaller version.

The small version with 8 kWh covers a distance of 120 kilometers and charges from zero to 80% in one hour with a type-2-plug. With the larger 14.4 kWh battery, the Microlino can travel up to 215 kilometers. Here the charging time is correspondingly longer.

The manufacturer Micro especially advertises the simplicity of the Microlino construction. Due to its small battery size and lightweight construction, the production of a Microlino requires 60% less energy than a normal electric car, and because of the electric powertrain and simple construction, the Microlino needs half as many parts as a conventional car. Whether the further conclusion of less frequent repair shop visits is correct, however, has yet to be proven in practice.


You enter the Microlino through a large door in the front. A full-length bench seat allows two people to be carried, including the driver. A few controls are recessed in the front door, but the pedals are very close for tall people due to the small interior. Your knees will be happy.

The two-seater has a 15 kW engine with 110 Nm torque. In five seconds it should accelerate to 50 km/h from a standstill. The top speed is limited to 90 km/h.

Last but not least, it also has a 300 liter trunk. Which can be opened via the tailgate. A man could easily carry three crates of beer, but I like the idea of twelve boxes of shoes better.

I am interested to see how many Microlinos we will meet at the end of the year. And for all you nostalgic TV show fans, this one might look familiar.