• Image by TIER

While German politicians are still discussing whether they want to allow the small electric scooters at all, the Berlin-based start-up TIER Mobility wants to establish this new form of micro-mobility anyhow. Following pioneering US companies like Bird, they are eager to bring the shareable e-scooter to European sidewalks.

Micro-mobility is a hot topic in metropolises these days. E-scooter sharing is the next step in a puzzle of mobility modes and services. A pioneer in this area is the US startup Bird, which has already risen to a company worth billions in a short time. The question of which providers are approved by the municipalities is keeping the young scene unsettled. Bird and its prominent competitor Lime had to withdraw from San Francisco this summer. In Germany, decisions are still pending. However, TIER Mobility has already managed to raise 25 million euros in capital to roll out its model in other European cities, starting with Vienna.

We are delighted to have Dr Julian Blessin, co-founder of TIER, with us for discussing if shared mobility can be open source and what this would mean for a venture like his.