• Image by Tavelspirit

We have no idea how far Open Source can go, but what we do know today is that we can achieve things that yesterday did not seem possible. For Travelspirit, the great goal is an Open, Equitable and Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem through Open Source. How? Let’s see….

TravelSpirit at a Glance

In 2016, the Travelspirit Foundation was founded in Manchester, United Kingdom. The main idea of its creation has been to provide an open framework that guarantees integrated and universally accessible mobility services.
To achieve its objectives, Travelspirit has created a global network composed of transport operators, software developers, companies, policy makers, planners and activists in the technology and mobility sectors. The whole idea has been ideal to successfully meet the challenges of the emerging global mobility sphere.
The values that
support the great mobility project are:

  • Universal Mobility bets on an integrated, sustainable and equitable transport system.
  • Open Innovation allows the exchange of information, generating benefits for all.
  • Global Community allows facing new challenges in a more effective way.
  • Local benefit is the result of the positive impact on communities.

Travelspirit strongly believes that with each of its open source projects it can achieve a transportation system which is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. In this kind of invitation to work openly and collaboratively for social welfare, I believe that Travelspirit’s participation in the Round Table&Get together #2 in Berlin will be the perfect occasion to learn more about the mobility we dream of. Now let’s count the days…