Last Thursday, June 20, we had the opportunity to welcome representatives of VW’s Sustainability Council Georg Kell, Michael Sommer, Yves Leterme and Margo Oge as well as Pauline Sprenger on behalf of Ralf Pfitzner.

The Open Source Lab team discussed with them recent findings and how we are going to continue our cooperation in the future. It was very helpful to get the council’s perspective on our work in order to know how we can continue to deliver valuable and constructive input for their work towards a culture shift within the company.

The event was also the perfect opportunity to present our discussion paper which is the product of our last roundtable in April and is about to be released this week. Our Discussion Paper, written by Tina Gallico, covers the key topics mobility behavior, mobility transformations and new mobility governance.

The Discussion Paper allowed for us to exchange our different opinions and experiences more deeply. This once again highlighted the importance of partnerships between private and public stakeholders.

We are planning on including the public more by facilitating an Open Source CO2 tracker that we are currently setting up. Our CO2 tracker is an app that enables people to document and better understand their mobility-related CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we are also working on an Open Mobility taxonomy to show the different stages of openness in mobility. This way we hope to reach a broader audience and establish new cooperations.

Fortunately, the council supports our approach and encourages us to continue on our current path. Their feedback is always very beneficial to our work and inspires ideas for future projects.

We would like to thank everyone who was present for a productive meeting.