The Open Source Lab is a wonderful concept to provoke questions about the future which are usually not on the mind of linear planners.

Georg Kell
Georg Kell Chair of the Sustainability Council


The Open Source Lab aims to unravel and explore possibilities for creating a more livable and sustainable future that is open to everyone.


The purpose of the Open Source Mobility Lab is to build up a platform to enable interdisciplinary research and a broad dialogue on sustainable mobility by involving various relevant stakeholder groups. Our work is therefore based on a broadened understanding of mobility. For us, it is about improving the quality and possibility to gain access to certain types of communication, information, and activity. Therefore we include topics like governance, city planning or social justice to tackle mobility from all its related angles.

Within our interdisciplinary team, our work is based on  design research methods and an open source working approach. Open Source is our catalyst in navigating the transformation to a more accessible and sustainable society.

Working Approach


The Open Source Lab stands for

… OPEN SOURCE as a working principle

… INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH on the interface between sustainable mobility and open source concepts

… CLOSE COLLABORATION and content-related exchange with the VW Sustainability Council and relevant stakeholders

… BROAD IMPACT through research papers and low-threshold dialogue formats from experts to everyday consumers