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Berlin on the Move – The Open Source Lab @ Climathon 2019

It's Global Climathon Day on 25 October. Climathon is a platform that creates tangible projects that aim to tackle climate change. Climathon also hosts an event which targets cities all around the globe that all aim to find solutions for different global problems caused by climate change. This year's Climathon includes challenges such as Air Pollution, Extreme Weather, Waste Management, more

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The Priority is the Pedestrian

Climate change, insecurity, overpopulation and poverty are some of the main problems to which governments must pay special attention. Therefore, anticipating these problems is a priority in many cities and administrations should try to predict all possible scenarios in order to create long-term strategies and react through short-term actions. more

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A Different Kind of Rally

Rally for Rivers or more specific Cauvery Calling is a campaign with a supporting action plan created by a non-profit organization in India. Its goal is to reverse the depletion of Indian rivers while saving the countries food and water supply for future generations. At the same time it provides an applicable approach for many other countries facing similar issues if succesful. more

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European Mobility Week

The European Mobility Week campaign, which took place from 16-22 September 2019, targets urban authorities and stakeholders. The aim of the campaign is for authorities to learn from cities and towns about the most recent urban developments and reduce car-use and transport emissions. more

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The Wellbeing Cities Award

The non-profit organization NewCities creates well-founded content about new trends in urban development worldwide. As an exchange platform, they aim to connect the most important stakeholders of the urban ecosystem, such as academic institutions, governments, civil society organizations and locals. They have also initiated the CityWellbeing Award – an award handed to cities which are global more


MeetUp #3 Recap – Elizabeth Chee, Iomob Germany

Elizabeth Chee is Co & VP – Business Development at Iomob and has been one of our favorite guests at our MeetUp #3 on July 24. She is driven by a vision to use technology to better the causes she cares deeply for: Mobility, Healthcare and Education. more

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The Giant Tokyo

If you haven't visited Japan yet, you've probably heard or read a lot about this country. Japan is not only known for sports like Sumo or for "Memoirs of a Geisha", but the cultural, technological and social display makes it worthy of being a number one in many respects. Let's see! more