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Roundtable Zero Emission City- Beate Kubitz, TravelSpirit Foundation (UK)

Beate Kubitz is Director of Policy and Communications at TravelSpirit Foundation and has been one of our favorite guests at the Roundtable discussion on April 24. She believes that innovations in transportation are noticeably positive, but these innovations need shaping to work for communities and the environment. more

Roundtable “Zero Emission City”- Olivier Thereaux, Open Data Institute (UK)

Oliver Thereaux is Head of Technology at Open Data Institute in the Uk. He leads the ODI Labs team in the design and creation of prototypes and services for ODI Toolbox, as well as the creation of software. At this Roundtable "Zero Emission City", Olivier shared his knowledge and perspective on the implications of Open Data on urban mobility. more

Open Source Lab @ International Transport Forum in Leipzig

We are looking forward to being part of the workshop at ITF Leipzig on the topic “Commuter Mobility – Collaboration for New Intermodal Solutions”. We will join representatives of the Sustainability Council as well as other great organizations in order to discuss what must be done to ensure sustainable and efficient commuting. However, we also want to talk about what is possible already and more

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Cars can be more than just Vehicles

The future belongs to electric mobility. Battery-powered vehicles are changing not only the way we move, but they also change life as a whole. Our infrastructure must be adapted to the new needs in order to supply electric vehicles. But they are a mobile source of energy for other devices connected to them, too. This does not only mean to charge a cell phone while driving. The keyword is: “V2G”. more

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OS Lab @ Mobility Congress at Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Everything is on the move. People, goods and data are constantly in flux. Our societies are built on the bedrock of mobility subscribing to the ability to be flexible in time and space with utmost significance. How can the change towards more sustainable mobility that unites economic with ecological approaches be designed? That was one of the key questions asked at the Congress 'mobility more

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The Data Revolution

The idea of opening data sets is deeply rooted in Finland's future strategies. The impulse given by the government through innovative Open Data programmes has been constituted as a radical "Yes" to social and technological progress. more


Roundtable & Get Together – Zero Emission Cities

On April 24th, 2019 we held our second Roundtable with a fantastic group of experts at the Open Source Lab in Berlin followed by our Get Together Event. Focusing on the question 'What emerges in the overlap of Zero Emission Cities and an Open Source Approach' we discussed possible future concepts of mobility with special regard towards data usage, literacy and ofcourse sovereignty. more