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Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

Is the Open Internet at Risk?

How much does the Internet mean to us? Without thinking too much, it is a fundamental tool of our culture, economy and society, and the very idea of a day in our life without the internet would be chaotic. Therefore, we are not wrong saying that the universal system is fully integrated by the great network of networks, everything within reach of click. more

Photo by Greg Bakker on Unsplash

Sustainable Immobility?

In times of the coronavirus we all stay more at home much more, mobility becomes immobility. Immobility can also be sustainable. The City of Hamburg is trying to prove that, in a different way, then you might imagine at first. Let me present two interesting projects to you. Part I: green.fACade, the air-cleaning building facade more


Farewell EUREF Campus

It was recently time for us to move out of our offices at EUREF Campus after about one and a half years. We are now located at the DFKI project offices in Moabit. more