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Join our team!

We are looking for sustainable mobility enthusiasts to join our team! Have a look at our job postings: (senior)researcher and project manager community, event and PR. more

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A glance at Open Technology

The dream of sharing data, without limits and safely, is gaining more and more space in our digital present. New and innovative providers are generating attractive open source tools that allow users to take full control of their own data. more

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Civic Tech as a people-driven movement – Code for Africa

Open Data and Open Government are revolutionary as they promise to change the power dynamics that govern societies, giving ordinary citizens more and deeper information in real time, along with digital tools for engaging with fellow citizens and with those in positions of power. So, why are so few citizens using either the data or the tools – despite generous funding and massive more

Back to School for Data? Periodic Table of Open Data Impact

Despite global commitments to and increasing enthusiasm for open data, little is actually known about its use and impact. What kinds of social and economic transformation has open data brought about and what is its future potential? How and under what circumstances has it been most effective? Even as proponents extol the virtues of open data, the field suffers from a lack of detailed more

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BBCs DataOffensive

Di Do Data. Data is everywhere. It is the currency by which the biggest companies in the world run. Well, in fact, it is the currency by which the world operates from IT to municipal. But there is an imbalance between the creators of data and the ones making a profit from it. And this is why topics of data sovereignty and data literacy are on the rise - ownership and usage need to be more

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IOTA – Block the Chain

The Internet of things (IoT) is a thing. Every aspect of life is touched with the magical tech of network sensors. Physical objects - like clothing, cars and coffee makers - turn into smart devices that allow for remote monitoring and control as well as communication amongst those devices. Intel predicts 200 billion things being connected through the internet by 2020, which would be 25 times more

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Digital First – The Swedish Climate Dashboard

Sweden's ambition to become fossil fuel free by 2045 is a great example of climate leadership. With plans of installing a public dashboard to track the transition across all sectors the Swedish society is also up for the challenge. The Swedish technology company MapLauncher is prototyping the Climate Dashboard, that hopefully helps to keep on track in terms of halving emissions, not only in more