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Photo by Ross Parmly

How to Make Your Flights More Sustainable

The summer holidays are the peak period for travel worldwide. As fun as travelling is, the journey to the actual destination can be disastrous and ruin the whole vacation. No one really wants to waste time they could spend on the beach stuck in traffic or waiting for trains that are delayed or even cancelled. Consequently, many people opt for flying in order to reach their destination more


This Is Not a Car! Is it?

It has four tires, a steering wheel and you need a driving license to drive it. After initial production difficulties, a small electric car will enter the German streets in autumn: Microlino. more

Photo by Stock Catalog on Flickr

Our Online Data: Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

Sometimes we find ourselves working on our laptop and suddenly Mr. Google presents that beach we want to visit in our so dreamed of summer vacations. Being innocent we would say: How incredible is the digital world that magically knows our preferences about places we want to see. Being more realistic when it comes to the Internet, we can say that in the world of data we are still at the more