BRCK is the platform that connects the next 3 billion internet users coming from frontier markets.

Tools and Features

  • Moja – Internet for Everyone, free public WiFi network, Anyone within range of the signal can connect to the internet for free
  • In 2018, BRCK began offering SupaBRCK devices to drivers of Nairobi’s highly used Matatu buses for Kenyan commuters to access Moja.
  • original BRCK v1, the Kio Kit for education, the SupaBRCK for enterprise connectivity, compute and storage, and the PicoBRCK for rugged IoT needs
  • designing circuit boards and ruggedized cases, writing the firmware, operating systems and cloud stack of software that allows all of our devices to be remotely managed
  • cloud-syncing platforms for content, data from sensors and edge of the network storage
  • open source software platform Magma that will help simplify and extend mobile network deployments for operators (launched in cooperation with facebook)

Governance of Case

  • first company to pursue ground up design and engineering of consumer electronics in East Africa
  • long history of building tech in Africa, including Ushahidi, the iHub and Gearbox

Drivers for Open Mobility

  • connecting frontier markets to the internet
  • Local fit for tech: why use devices designed in Europe and the US, when we live in Africa, where they don’t fit our infrastructure needs – where electricity and internet connections are problematic in both urban and rural areas. Magma on GitHub