CanGo (formerly SafeMotos) is developing interconnected on demand services together in a single smartphone application, aimed directly at the Central African mass market. CanGo offers a moto-taxi service that monitors, evaluates and rates its drivers safety skills and gives the user an opportunity to add a personal rating after the lift. It provides on demand ride-hailing services designed specifically for urban Africa’s affluent, middle and bottom of the pyramid classes. It also consolidates informal drivers building them into a coherent logistics backbone. Any service that involves movement, including car taxis, motorcycle taxis and delivery services benefits from the network efficiency of having all drivers on one platform.

Tools and Features

  • customers benefit by being able to access a series of complementary services from a single smartphone application
  • consolidates multiple on demand services together in one smartphone application with services linked together by a common physical logistics network of motorcycle and car drivers
  • pulls sensor data from drivers equipped with smart phones to measure deceleration and speed management

Governance of Case

  • tech start up and innovation lab developed in the klab
  • the company runs a technology office in Nairobi, Kenya, an innovation lab in Kigali, Rwanda and operates in Kinshasa, DR Congo and Kigali, Rwanda
  • all tech is proudly built in Africa

Drivers for Open Mobility

African made digital service solution and tech hub with a focus on sustainability working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development goals including building a safer taxi experience (SDG 11), developing a local technology industry (SDG 9), increasing taxi driver economic productivity through technology (SDG 8) and enabling female’s to become taxi drivers (SDG 5).