• Zero Version of “Mapa dos Transportes da Cidade de Maputo”

The project works on a Chapas (collective mini buses) Map of Maputo promoting their use and offering solutions for developing and improving collective transport and its social image.

Tools and Features

  • Chapas route map, data collection in order to greatly enhance public transport
  • open, standardized data

Governance of Case

The project was initiated in August 2013 by the founder of Goteo, a cooperative, which provides consultancy services related to urban sustainable transport, promoted by Waza, a Mozambican independent think-and-do tank. It has several international financial backers such as Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and Oxfam.

Drivers for Open Mobility

The collaborative mapping of informal minibus transport stimulates the participation of the civil society in mobility policies and creates inclusive mobility with the benefits of open, standardised data on public transport.