Frontline puts the power of SMS to use for smart, interactive, impactful communication with groups who need it. Whether it’s 100 people or 100,000, FrontlineSMS allows users to interact with the communities they want to reach.

Tools and Features

  • automation and logic (a combination of technology and our team’s expertise) that sits on top of an SMS message delivery service at scale – it can make sense of keywords in people’s replies, with automated responses tailored to local communities, or set to trigger on specific prompts.
  • interact over SMS for community management, information tracking or collecting research data

Governance of Case

FrontlineSMS is a paid service. Projects usually being with a small up-front setup package combined with an even smaller monthly subscription fee. The software was originally developed in 2005 for conservationists to keep in touch with communities in Kruger National Park in South Africa

Drivers for Open Mobility

SMS is the most inclusive means of communication in the world. 99% of text messages are read, almost every human on earth has access to a phone, and every model of mobile phone can send and receive text messages.