GoMetro is a self-service platform for the execution of mass participation of volunteer survey travel plans, self-tracking and measurement for transport planners, transport operators and the private sector. Digitizing complex and chaotic informal transport systems on the ground, turning unscheduled services into scheduled or on-demand services that run on dynamic or fixed route profiles.

Tools and Features

  • mapping app
  • data platform and licensed API
  • passenger (transport) app for information and real-time updates, email-your-boss button, mobile payments integration, complaints manager, user-tracking and polling for customer experience improvements
  • measurement and prediction of peak/off-peak travel information (times, trips, distance)
  • accessibility score tool

Governance of Case

GoMetro (Pty) Ltd is a South African for profit company founded in 2011.

Drivers for Open Mobility

This transit initiative includes informal transport modes and provides data in multiple formats for analysis by spreadsheet, GIS or mapping software, or alternatively provisioned as an API for 3rd-party development and advanced integrations.