• inethi.org.za

iNethi is a project to enable communities to deploy and manage a locally-owned infrastructure for communications and internet access and to co-design a content sharing and services platform for community wireless networks.

Tools and Features

  • offline community-based services, authoring of local digital resources and content sharing
  • set up local servers running several open source services, including social networking (Diaspora), chat (RocketChat), file-sharing (OwnCloud), and web authoring (WikiFundi) and connected to WiFi access points and television white spaces (TVWS)
  • prepopulate the server with free educational media
  • workshops and discussions

Governance of Case

Each local community shall establish a governing board to manage the network and make decisions about use and expansion of the community network.

Drivers for Open Mobility

Community Networks are a grassroots approach to providing a viable, open source alternative to municipal wireless networks, addressing limited internet usage and access to data by aggregating demand, allowing community residents to purchase internet at bulk rates.