• Public transport map in Accra by Jungle Bus / AFD / Transitec / OpenStreetMap Ghana for Accra Metropolitan Assembly

JungleBus is an initiative to improve public transport data in OpenStreetMap (OSM) through developing open mapping tools for local communities thus producing a shared base to facilitate collaboration between public and private stakeholders.

Tools and Features

  • JungleBus mobile app for simple mapping of bus stops on the ground
  • developments and improvements of OSM tools¬†related to public transport

Governance of Case

Drivers for Open Mobility

  • open source software and crowdsourced open data
  • co-constructed, tested and shared with the OSM community, easy-to-use and multi-lingual
  • inclusion of informal transport modes (paratransit)

junglebus.io/accra wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Jungle_Bus fr.ulule.com/jungle-bus