Open Streets Cape Town functions as a catalyst for non-motorized transport; people can get to know and enjoy a car-free environment through Open Streets. Carrying out campaigns, temporary interventions, dialogues and walks that raise citizen awareness, spark public debate, and ultimately drive behavior change around the role of streets in the life of the city.

Tools and Features

  • open street festivals where people are invited to enjoy the car-free environment and a debate around “the city we want”
  • target groups are emerging car owning households in middle and low-income areas of the city and children, as powerful change agents in their homes

Governance of Case

A group of volunteers founded Open Streets Cape Town (OSCT) in 2012, and registered a non-profit organisation in 2013. It enjoys the full support of the City of Cape Town, as well as civil society organizations and many individual volunteers from across the city.

Drivers for Open Mobility

A citizen-driven initiative working to change how we use, perceive and experience streets in the light of sustainability.