WyBap is a ride-hailing company facilitating the mobility of individuals in various cities of Cameroon by quickly finding the right means of transport to move safely while enjoying a high quality ride.

Tools and Features

  • provides users with a platform for searching for means of transport for their intra-urban and inter-urban journeys
  • WYBAP’s standard service offers all types of air-conditioned sedans with professional and experienced drivers
  • WYBAP Premium Service includes vehicles with the latest options and gadgets that guarantee a unique consumer experience
  • WYBAP rental service allows to rent 4×4 vehicles for intra-urban and inter-urban journeys

Governance of Case

  • start-up with about 32 employees working full time on the project
  • consisting of a team of engineers who work for the development of the application, a team of salespeople who lead the field actions, a team of marketers who think and deploy our marketing actions and administrative staff to ensure the smooth operation of our structure

Drivers for Open Mobility

  • African MaaS platform hoping to become “One of the pioneers in the digital service market in urban areas in the next 10 years.”