Yego Moto is a licensed Motorcycle Taxi Service but at the heart of the system is an IoT device on the motorcycle taxis with a payment solution. From all this data collected in real time, Yego Moto is able to expand the functionality of the platform for other services.

Tools and Features

  • installed ICFMs (Intelligent Connected Fare Meters) on all car taxis record real-time speed, location, and other trip details and store them on our cloud-based management platform
  • Rwanda’s first centralized toll-free 24/7 call centre, which is a completely new concept for ordering a taxi in Africa
  • created a National database of verified drivers, owners and vehicles, we provide real-time tracking and speed monitoring and we have generated a substantial new tax revenue opportunity

Governance of Case

  • Yego collaborated with the Rwandan Government to develop a fair and transparent regulatory framework that meets the needs of drivers, passengers, the police and regulatory bodies

Drivers for Open Mobility

  • focused on increasing driver incomes, regulating fares, making roads safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians as well as providing more transparency to governments and other regulatory bodies
  • organizing the informal means of transportation through an integrated logistics and payments platform, forming an ecosystem which will also be available to other startups to create marketplaces