• Image by Open Data Institute

At the time of data revolution, the Open Data Institute is a protagonist of great and innovative changes. In view of its participation in our Roundtable & Get together #2, we are already looking forward to all that is to share.

Here is the Open Data Institute

The Open Data Institute (ODI) was founded in 2012 by the creator of the world wide web and magnificent expert in artificial intelligence, Sir Tim Berners Lee. Based in London, ODI’s aim is to raise awareness of the importance of Open Data and encourage its use to make a positive impact on societies around the world.

ODI currently has a team of thousands of highly skilled people and dozens of new incubated companies working on building a complete and reliable Open Data infrastructure. In this sense and by achieving strong international ties, one of the fundamental functions of the Open Data Institute is to bring together the public sector and commercial and non-commercial organizations to address today’s challenges.

Taking a look at their projects, some highlights are:

Finally, I would like to underline this idea put forward by ODI: “We want those who manage data and those who create information from this data to act in ways that lead to the best social and economic outcome for all. In our theory of change, we call this goal farmland”. This only feeds my expectation of all that ODI has to show at the Round Table & Get together #2 in Berlin. Without any doubt, it will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas; this time Zero Emission City will be the subject of our discussion.